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Monday, November 29, 2004

Worthwhile at the Coffee Shop

I have the magazine Worthwhile, the premiere issue, and read most of the (thin) issue at the coffee shop on Friday. One feature article is "What's the best advice you ever received?" [about work or career]. The best advice I ever got was in the book, “Stop setting goals.” I didn’t read it until the month I retired. I learned that what energized me, satisfied me, fulfilled me was solving problems, not setting goals. And that is probably true of over half the workers in America.

The concept of the new journal is that since you spend most of your time working, it ought to be what you are passionate about, what you enjoy. And this magazine tries to help.

You can participate in the final page survey--"The top 50 songs to fire you up" and you can send in your ideas to The list ranges from Aretha's RESPECT to the 1812 Overture to Burning down the house.

Worthwhile also maintains a blog--in fact, that came about in March of this year six months before the paper copy appeared on the news stand. On the 24th, the writer Kevin blogged about stopping at Panera’s for coffee and what he observed there.


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