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Friday, March 25, 2005

Serial snacker strikes stealthily

The serial snacker was back again yesterday. Bolder and hungrier. He walks in the north door, ambles up to the free sample table, picks up a napkin and takes about 3-4 slices of bagel. Then he walks over to the coffee bar, takes another napkin and wraps the bagel slices and puts them in his coat pocket. A new move. He then picks up stir sticks and sugar packets. From there he slowly walks to the back of the store where I think he picks up lemon slices for the iced tea (can't see what he is doing, but it makes sense--if he plans to make some lemon-aid when he gets to work). Then he slowly strolls to the front again, stops at the sample table and casually picks up another 3-4 slices of bagel. He pauses, walks over to an easy chair and reads the morning paper for 5 minutes. As he walks out, he stops again at the sample table. Exits the south door to the parking lot. I've never seen him purchase anything, but he is a regular.


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