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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Two pastries for breakfast

The woman across from me at Panera's this morning appeared to have a normal BMI. Fortyish and nice looking. She sat down in the easy chair with two breakfast pastries--a baked artichoke and spinach souffle ($2.99), and a cherry cream cheese pastry ($1.99) and a large iced green tea ($2.39). If she eats like that very often, she'll need new jeans.

I looked up from reading the latest research about low-fat dietary patterns in the Feb. 8 JAMA and its affect on women's health. 1) Breast cancer--low fat diets make little difference in post-menopausal women, but might make a difference on specific tumors, so more research is needed. 2) Colorectal cancer--no reduction by changing to a low-fat diet. 3) Cardiovascular disease--low fat intake didn't reduce the risk of CHD, stroke or CVD in post-menopausal women.

Oh well, enjoy the pastries.


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