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Friday, December 02, 2005

Can't use Sam Buck even if it's your name

Would you really get confused and go to Sam Buck's coffee shop if you were looking for Starbucks? Shame on big business and their trademark lawyers.

"A woman named Sam Buck opened a coffee shop in Astoria, Oregon in 2000, two years before a Starbucks opened down the road. She named her shop Sambuck's, and the judge in her case said that she willfully infringed on Starbucks's trademark in so doing." How about Starbucks infringing on her territory. Where are the anti-WalMart people who don't like the little guy being replaced by the giant? Well, they are having lattes at the local Starbucks.


  • At 26 October, 2007 02:04, Anonymous gobsmacked said…

    BS... we who hate Wal-Mart (and there are many in the area that Sam Buck lives in) are not in Starbucks. Nice slur... I take it then since assumptions are the order of the day that Wal-Mart is where you get your coffee?


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