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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A bit too much

The regulars have been watching the redecorating of the 5 points Panera's. We've moved with the furniture, the carpeting, the spackling, priming; we've stepped in the entry and discussed the color board of the decorators. But this morning more art work had been added. They've overdone it. It actually looks better in this photo than when you're in the dining room. They started with a selection of very nice drawings--discrete, tasteful--to the right of this arrangement. They've also put in waaaay too much furniture. The new chairs are about 1/4-1/2" higher than the old ones, and don't fit me as well, although I realize Americans are getting bigger and heavier. If you've ever had any of Panera's pastries, you know they are contributing to America's obesity problem--the desserts and breakfast selections are fabulous, unless you eat salad for breakfast. But now they've put in so much new furniture, I have to turn side-ways to get from the counter to my seat by the fireplace. And I'm not overweight. I don't know how the lunch time people do it--this place is packed at noon.

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