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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Face Time, not Facebook

I had the most delightful, surprising conversation with a clerk at Panera's this morning.

"Did you have a nice Christmas?" (me)

"Yes, we had a wonderful time? And you?" (him, 20-something, but looks younger)

"Yes, we did. Plans for New Year's?"

(Pause.) "Well, I'll just be doing things with the family. We're going to try out the board games we got Christmas."

(Shock and awe.) "You mean, real board games, not computerized games?"

"Oh yes. My wife got Scattergories and my sister got the new Monopoly. Have you seen it? And I got (couldn't understand what he said)."

"You have a good day."

"You too."

Imagine. An evening with family playing board games.


Off topic: I planned to link to the board games' webpages. Scattergories had 4 glaring errors in one paragraph plus one really awkward sentence. Who's writing for them? See if you can find them. I don't expect perfection in blogs or e-mails, but webpages for brands should give a potential client some confidence in the company.

"Scattergories (it's official title 'The Game of Scattergories') was devised by Hasbro in 1988. Hasbro own the famous boardgame brand Milton Bradley Corporation (MB), and published the game under that brand. Since it's launch Scattergories has become a classic, even spawning it's own daytime TV gameshow with NBC's Dick Clark in 1993.

Hint: Possessive pronouns. You don't write her's, or hi's or their's; don't write IT'S if you want to indicate the possessive case. IT'S is a contraction for "it is." I doubt that spell checks catch this. You just have to memorize it.

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