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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Look alikes--almost

At the coffee shop this morning I saw two women sit down at a table for two, and wordlessly spread cream cheese on their huge bagels and begin to take very large bites, lick their fingers and wipe their lips with napkins. Exact look alikes from my seat by the fireplace. They didn't talk until their bagels were down to crumbs. I wondered if they were twins as I watched their jaws move in unison. So I discretely stared. No, one was older. I couldn't see her face, but there were signs.


Older: black slacks and gray cardigan
Younger: hip-hugger jeans, studded belt, layered black striped shirt over gray sweater that showed some cleveage

Older: medium-to-large black shoulder bag
Younger: small black shoulder bag

Older: black leather dress boots
Younger: tan suede construction boots

Older: short hair, softly permed, dishwater blonde
Younger: short hair, spiky and moussed, lightened blonde

Older: small pierced earrings
Younger: dangle pierced earrings

Older: tasteful make-up but no mascara
Younger: tasteful make-up with mascara

Older: coffee in a china cup
Younger: poofy, fluffy drink in a paper cup

When I got up to leave I could glimpse their profiles. Their noses were shaped differently, but I decided they were mother and daughter, ages probably about 38 and 16 and very good friends.

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