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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Finding coffee in Indianapolis

On our way home today, we stopped at the Starbucks on Pendleton Pike on the far east side of Indianapolis. Finding a coffee shop in metropolitan Indianapolis has always been a challenge. You might as well give up and hope the Gas-cum-Groceries stop has a fresh pot. This one opened not too long ago, then was blind sided with road improvements making it accessible only to the most loyal coffee lovers or travelers (like us) with local guides. This one is sharing space with a small bank branch, and the tables sort of lean over into the banking area.

Today's stop was complicated with fresh snow atop a thin sheet of ice. As we made our way down to 56th to pick up Mt. Comfort Road to get on the interstate, the snow was blowing furiously across the road in huge billowing clouds, then dancing across the corn stubble in the fields with the sun peeking through an exciting array of clouds. "Oh, this is so beautiful--looks like a Christmas card," I squealed while sipping my hot coffee. But there were only sighs and complaints from the cranky driver who was too busy getting us home safely to enjoy the winter wonderland.


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