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Saturday, April 23, 2005

My Catholic Cabal

Today at the coffee shop I consulted with two Catholics I see regularly on Saturday and Sunday. One usually tries to convert me, and the other likes to talk about opera. I asked both if they were happy with the selection of Benedict XVI. The answers surprised me.

Frank, the conservative Republican of Irish descent, was not happy. He said the new Pope was too old to be a world leader, and he's also quite unhappy with Bush's performance and I think wanted a Pope who would bring him in line with more conservative thought and fiscal management. How a Catholic Pope does this for a Methodist president, he didn't explain.

Pat, the liberal Democrat of Italian descent, seemed pleased. He calls himself a "cafeteria Catholic," selecting was he likes in the faith.

Politics and religion in the coffee shop. Sometimes there are surprises.


  • At 04 May, 2005 14:24, Blogger David said…

    Adding to your coffee/religion post, may I humbly offer "O Blessed holy Caffeine Tree"?


    And my recipe for Javascript Cookies is somewhere toward the top of my blog, too. Approved for coffee lovers. (By me, of course.)

  • At 07 May, 2005 02:13, Blogger David said…

    Sorry: the link I posted is broken.

    Here's a new link to the same "hymn"


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