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Saturday, August 27, 2005

At the reunion

We had a reunion of sorts at the coffee shop this morning (which reopened after being closed 5 extremely long days). I hadn't seen her all of August. She had been to a reunion of the 103rd OVI* of the Civil War. I think she said it was the 139th and her husband is the descendant of a Civil War veteran. Shortly after the war the veterans began gathering on the shores of Lake Erie and eventually wives and children were included.

"The 103rd Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry was formed in August and September 1862 primarily from Cuyahoga, Lorain and Medina Counties, in Ohio, under the command of Colonel John Casement. Major battles in which the 103rd served were Blue Springs TN, Siege of Knoxville TN, Dandridge TN, Resaca GA, Kenesaw Mountain GA, Siege of Atlanta GA and Spring Hill TN." 103rd reunion 2003 My paternal relatives were from Dandridge--wonder if they met up with these guys?

Anyway, as we talked I learned that while fixing breakfast for the participants, she had aspirated a piece of bacon, was hospitalized, developed pneumonia, and is being tested for a spot on her lungs they found, which could be bacon, or maybe not.

That's quite a response to "Where've you been?"

*The regiment published their own book which can be purchased:
"Reminiscences and Experiences"
103rd OVI Memorial Foundation
5501 E. Lake Rd.
Sheffield Lake, Ohio 44054


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