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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Back to the regulars

After a pleasant summer having my morning coffee at Coffee 'n Cream in Lakeside it was back to Panera's this week. As I left yesterday I had to walk past two young goth-grunge young women with their hair dyed black (I thought that look had gone out in the 90s). One was smoking. As I walked through her smoke (avoiding the rain so we were all close to the building) I said, "That causes wrinkles, you know." She was quite startled and tried to think of a snappy come-back, but just managed a sarcastic, "Thank you."


  • At 03 October, 2005 09:48, Blogger Kevin Jackson said…

    Hey, great blog! Sounds like you need coffee cart.

    I love coffee and did a keyword search on coffee cart and came up with your site. The association was close, anyway. Take care! Dave

  • At 06 October, 2005 17:17, Blogger 11181955 said…

    I know kids today are strange..I'm sorry I have two teenagers and they think I am out of But really I think kids now days are so un-sure of who they are that they are just trying to find a place to fit and, boy are they doing some strange


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