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Monday, November 20, 2006

Must be uncomfortable

I saw a neatly dressed woman in a sweater, jacket and slacks at the counter ordering a sack of bagels. While waiting for the clerk to fill the order, she leaned over and pulled off one of her loafers. She adjusted the black sock, and replaced her shoe. There was a huge hole in the toe of the sock.


  • At 25 November, 2006 02:10, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Ah, they'll come to you as a surprise eventually. 25 is all in a days work for Sephy these days.. ;) It's a matter of just keep going. I don't comment on livejournals or vox or xanga, but typepad and wordpress are fine, you dont have to register.

    Remember it's Turkey Time, so most people are AWOL right now.. ;)

    I'm gonna post this on your blog too Norma in case you don't get back here.. :)

    This is a really interesting concept for a blog. :) I like it. Plus it involves coffee, this is a good thing.

  • At 15 December, 2006 22:57, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Ah, maybe it was the only pair of BLACK socks she had. At least, the hole was in her shoe, unlike wearing a pair of black hose with a runner. :)


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