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Tuesday, March 20, 2007


some horse sense. It was very dark and foggy when I left for the coffee shop this morning about 6 a.m. The schools were already announcing delays. I slowed to about 20 mph on the 35 mph street because it was like driving in pea soup.

But the biker-lady was at the coffee shop wearing her black hat, dark red coat, and black stretch pants with nothing reflective on her clothing, and only a little motion powered battery on her bicycle fender. She was munching her carrots and reading the newspaper, as I took these notes. She is probably about 50, or maybe just a skinny 45, and glared at me when I asked if she had biked there on such a foggy day.

Someday she'll be hit by a motorist who didn't see her along the side of the road. Maybe that motorist will be talking on her cell phone, or restraining a cranky child, or reaching for a cup of coffee as she moves along at 30-35 mph on city streets, wet, slick and dark. Then there will be cries of outrage from the safety experts.

They might be able to pass legislation on auto emissions, but it sure is hard to legislate common sense for joggers, bicyclers and motorcyclists who share the road with 2 ton vehicles.

Photo by Amy.

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