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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Christmas Gifts at Coffee Shops

Most coffee shops have great Christmas gifts--I think they are good for the impulse buyer--a small package of candy or sweets, a little ballpoint pen, a decorated box of spices for cider--that sort of thing. But some are bigger ticket items, like this truck with the Caribou logo for about $30, with doors and hood that open.

Caribou truck

Chocolate Cafe had an interesting CD with music from around the world, from countries where the cocoa plant is grown and some nice salad dressings and mustard. Also, most coffee shops carry their own gift cards and mugs.

The cute truck did make me wonder if there is any tool and die business left in this country. The truck was made in China--perhaps it was designed and the mold cast here. We can dream. It is Christmas, after all.


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