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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Amazing sight

A youngish 20-something man wearing a pair of jeans that fit! He could walk across the room holding a hot cup of coffee in one hand without hitching up his pants with the other. I hope this is a trend.


  • At 10 December, 2006 05:29, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I hope so too.. I never understood that "pants hanging down and showing your boxers" trend!

  • At 15 December, 2006 22:53, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Goodness! I hate to see those pants hanging down! Maybe if a few had them to fall off in a crowd, the belt might catch on!

  • At 19 December, 2006 19:22, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    No, it's much too sensible to be trendy. The good news is, he's getting to an age where 'sensible' is more strongly valued than is 'trendy'. :)


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