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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Two styles of fathering

There are two stunning, well dressed fathers who come into the coffee shop in the morning before school each with a young, elementary school aged son. Both men are trim and buff, carefully groomed and have beautiful white hair, one being in his forties, the other maybe early fifties. But oh what a difference in their parenting style.

Dad #1 reads the Columbus Dispatch while his son fidgets, eats his muffin, and looks out the window. Dad doesn't converse, chit-chat or lecture. When he finishes the paper, and the boy most of his muffin, the father barks out an order: "Hurry up; brush your teeth." The little guy BRUSHES HIS TEETH AT THE TABLE! He spits the saliva onto the tray, and daddy and son leave.

Dad #2 and son talk sports--NBA, NFL, college--doesn't matter, it's mostly sports. But the little guy can hang in there with dad and not get lost in scores and charts. Occasionally I've even seen the dad going over spelling words with the boy and heard dad ask him what is on his agenda for the day.

Good dental hygiene is important and will put this boy on the path to good health. Learning how to banter about sports is a step towards male bonding and networking. But I must say, if I were a kid, I'd prefer dad #2.

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  • At 21 March, 2007 08:52, Blogger gincoleaves said…

    Yes Norma I certainly agree with Dad #2. At least this kid has the opportunity to speak up.
    When I was little my Dad wouldn't have any form of conversation at the table - his motto: "Children should be seen and not heard!"
    So for as long as my two children were still at home, we all chatted the *hind legs off a donkey* - at the table!!

  • At 25 March, 2007 11:45, Blogger Chef's Widow said…

    I like Corbett hubby needs some convincing. No weed anymore for sure ,not since high school. Those days are long gone. Really enjoyed skimming your blog, will have to peruse more after our big move!

  • At 15 August, 2007 02:54, Blogger Shannon said…

    I'm so thanksful that my hubby is so active, engaging and involved with the kids. He is an AMAZING Dad.

    Sometimes when I see the Dads on the laptop, ignoring the kids, speaking into the cell phone, etc.......I just truly say a little hope that I'm catching them on a bad day. They are missing those moments....... Shannon


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