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Thursday, October 06, 2005

When you see a stranger

While on a walk the other day I noticed a man getting into a car who looked familiar. He stopped to chat--seemed to know me, but I couldn't place him. "So you live here?" he said. Finally, it dawned on me, he's someone I see and talk to regularly at the coffee shop, but out of context I didn't recognize him. He'd dropped off my neighbor whom he'd taken to a doctor's appointment.


  • At 14 October, 2005 10:36, Blogger Gwyneth said…

    This happens to me every day of my life as I used to WORK in the coffee shop for four years. Once you get them in a different atmosphere and they aren't asking for a tall not fat no foam extra hot latte, I have no clue who they are :)

    But eventually, it dawns on me.
    Glad I'm not alone in this "how the heck do I know you" feeling.


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