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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A new Lakesider?

Saturday at the coffee shop I met a woman from a Cleveland suburb who was so enthusiastic about Lakeside, she thought she might want to buy a cottage! She was a native of Cleveland, but had lived about 10 years in Chicago (my favorite city), which she didn't like. Her laundry was spinning down the street so we had a bit of time to chat. I told her what I knew about the tax laws on second homes, association fees, real estate taxes, maintenance costs on old cottages and how desolate it is here in the winter. In short, I don't see Lakeside ownership as a financial investment, but rather an investment in tradition, entertainment, family times, and nostalgia.

Today the clerk in the coffee shop told me the woman had stopped in yesterday looking for me (we were in Columbus)--she's found a cottage.

Here's some listings by Smith.


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