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Sunday, October 19, 2008

A dozen cookies

If you've ever seen the cookies at Panera's, you know they are huge. Friday I saw a new cookie--same dough--just smaller. Don't know if it's the economy or weight challenges driving it. The sign read:

    $.40 a piece petite cookies
    a dozen for $4.99
I'm no math whiz, but I figured 12 cookies would be cheaper than a dozen. So when I got up to the counter, I asked about the sign. "We give 13 cookies in a dozen," was the reply. So that 13th cookie isn't really a free, as in a baker's dozen, it costs $.19. If it confuses a math challenged adult, I wonder what the kids think?

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  • At 10 December, 2008 14:55, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Oh Yes, McDonalds does the same thing......and I dont understand it.....I ordered 12 cookies, the girl says, oh you get a bakers dozen, so what would you like the 13th cookie to be? I told her...then she tells me the total is $4.19....The total for 12 cookies is $4.00, there was no tax, this was drive-thru. So, its not really a bakers dozen, because if it was, the 13th cookie should have been free.


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