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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Met a Vet student today

At coffee today I asked the young man seated near me at the fireplace what he was studying, and it turned out it was large animal veterinary medicine! And he was a farm boy. When I was a librarian at OSU vet library, my best student employees were the ones raised on farms. Great work ethic, and rarely ever called in with crazy made-up excuses for not showing up. My favorite student type. He had graduated from the University of Finlay, so we chatted a bit about Marathon. That segued to the book we'd read for bookclub, The mighty queens of Freeville, and the story of butchering "Shirley," one of the cows. He told us that on his farm they had bottle fed and raised two cows which eventually his father slaughtered and put in the freezer, but his mom didn't want to eat them. One day when his dad was gone his mother had the children dig a large hole in the pasture but didn't tell them why. She then had them carry the packaged meat from the freezer and bury it.

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