Coffee Spills

What I hear and see and think about at the coffee shops I patronize.
Brisk. Fresh. Well-balanced. Occasional nutty and bittersweet overtones.
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Saturday, December 06, 2014

Closing down the coffee shop

After almost life time of patronizing coffee shops, I'm now only going occasionally. I'm putting my $2/day into the kitty for a special trip next fall, and I've learned to make a passably-possibly decent cup of coffee at home. About a year ago I had to switch to 100% decaf, and since that always tastes like water at the coffee shop, I started making it at home and using Half n Half. The trick is to make it a little stronger than regular--I'm using Folgers.
Now I'm also making a dark chocolate drink--2 scoops of Hersey's dark chocolate to one scoop of sweetner. I do miss talking to the folks I'd met over the years, but with age comes adjustments. So unless I observe something really strange going on, you probably won't see much happening here. Please visit my regular blog, Collecting my thoughts, which is still updated every day--or more.