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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

How will you spend Thanksgiving?

The coffee shop employee told me with a big smile she was planning to have six Thai students from Ohio State come for dinner on Thanksgiving Day. She'd heard about the International Friendships program at her church, and thought it would be a lot of fun. I was an English language partner with a young Chinese woman for several years through that program. Another employee told me she'd either be spending the day alone, or with her family. She wasn't smiling. I don't think either option had much appeal. One of the regulars regaled me with stories of his wife's dysfunctional family and past holidays. Yes, holidays are interesting, aren't they?

We'll be going to our daughter's after 10 a.m. services at Lytham Road UALC where the chancel will be heaped with sacks of groceries. From there the food goes to Lutheran Social Services Food Panty.

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Friday, November 16, 2007

A gaggle of girls

It wasn't even Friday! Only about 5 or 6 of the teen girls who swarmed into Panera's the other morning had on street clothes (jeans and sweat shirts). The other 10 or 12 were wearing pajamas and slippers. It was about 7:30 a.m. so I'm assuming they were wearing these outfits to school. Perhaps they'd had a slumber party (aka sleepover) on a school night? Most were wearing hand decorated t-shirts (marking pens) that announced they were "going to state," so they were one happy, squealing team of very pretty athletes.

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