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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The benefits outweigh the negatives for coffee

I don't drink as much coffee as I used to--maybe 1.5 cups a day, and that in the morning. I'm thrilled that there have been so many benefits reported in recent years. I got a Starbucks gift card for Christmas--so it also brings warm feelings. Here's some details reported in Inkling Magazine. Coffee. . .
  • may protect against Parkinson's disease
  • seems to protect and fight against the development of Alzheimer's disease
  • long term coffee drinking may lower the risk of developing type-2 or adult onset diabetes
  • can protect against liver cirrhosis
  • is an age-old asthma medication; caffeine is related to theophylline, a compound that helps relax and expand asthmatic lungs
  • lowers the risk of developing kidney stones, because you urinate frequently
  • increases alertness and mental performance by blocking adenosine, one biomolecule responsible for creating that feeling of drowsiness.

There. Feel better now?

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Are leg warmers back?

At the coffee shop today I saw a young lady--probably high school age and very fashion conscious--wearing white leg warmers, over her blue jeans, with shower thongs, a black and white stripe long wooly neck wrap, carrying a huge shiny gray purse/bag.

A woman at the table behind me was busy multi-tasking. She had two boxes of Christmas cards she was addressing while talking on her cell phone--and it was 6:30 a.m.

Friday, December 22, 2006

She doesn't want to meet me in the dark

We usually greet each other briefly--she's working the cross word in the Dispatch and I'm reading the WSJ. Today I asked her if she biked to the coffee shop (she's a bit more bundled up than most, for our warm weather, and quite thin). She told me she bikes to our suburb from Victorian Village, a near down-town neighborhood south of the OSU campus. It was raining, so I suggested to her that people like me, who don't see well in the dark, might have trouble seeing her (it was about 6:15 a.m.). "Oh I can see you," she chirped. Oh honey, you just have no idea how much we can't see you, I thought.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Amazing sight

A youngish 20-something man wearing a pair of jeans that fit! He could walk across the room holding a hot cup of coffee in one hand without hitching up his pants with the other. I hope this is a trend.