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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Children in the coffee shops

All alone
You can tell a lot about parenting skills just by observing the children. I saw a regular come in with his boy--maybe middle school. Actually, I'm just guessing they are father and son, they don't look alike at all. The boy sat quietly at a table for two waiting for dad and ate his muffin; the adult joined a group of men in the back where his voice is always louder than everyone else's and his stories are of the "you can't top this" variety. Is he showing off? Insecure? As smart as he believes he is? I know from his pontificating on the failings of others that he is a rich Democrat, but that's about all I know. Still, the little boy was left alone to eat his muffin. But he was watching dad's every move to see how a real man socializes.

Where was mom when she got dressed?
It's chilly today--barely 30 degrees. It will probably warm up in the afteroon--maybe close to 60. Two young ladies, possibly 14, came in the coffee shop (located near the high school) wearing t-shirt tops--the kind that look like maternity shirts of 20 years ago--and no coats. One was wearing shorts! I could almost see the goosebumps on her white legs. Where was mom when she left the house?

Who's in charge of nutrition for the children?
A mom and her two daughters, one a teen the other maybe in middle school are sitting nearby. The teen is a head taller than mom and quite overweight. Mom is just "pleasingly plump" as we used to say, and very pretty. Teen daughter has 2 large cinnamon crunch bagels with cream cheese. 16 grams of saturated fat, or 60% of the recommended amount for the day. Smaller daughter who is not over weight, has one plain. Mom is just chatting--not eating.

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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Dogs should be leashed

I looked out the window of the coffee shop yesterday morning and noticed three couples jogging together, all bundled up for the cold weather we're having this Easter week-end. A Vizsla was running with them. Not on a leash. There was no way anyone could have controlled it if it darted off after a rabbit or jumped on a pedestrian (they are very hyper dogs, in my opinion). They are fast and weigh up to 65 lbs. Their owners love their beauty and affectionate nature, but I've never seen one well trained or under control. They need a lot of exercise and seem to be owned by lazy people who yell a lot as the dog runs off.

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