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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More ways NOT to communicate

This morning at the coffee shop a mother and pre-schooler sat in the cozy chairs by the fireplace. Many schools here were on a two-hour delay because of ice. Even I, the forever early riser, waited until almost 7 a.m. to leave the house. I smiled and they smiled. Nice family scene. Then I heard the unmistakable voice of Bugs Bunny above the classical music and noise from the bakery. I looked up. The little guy is watching a video on a hand held i-pod. He wasn't wearing the ear piece so the sound could be heard 10 ft. away at my table. Mom was staring off in the distance and periodically dozing. He was well behaved with his electronic babysitter, but wouldn't human interaction be important too? A hot chocolate, a roaring fire, things to observe and talk about to expand his horizons? At home he probably watches videos on TV, or plays games on the computer. Mom looked to be about 40-45--old enough to know there is a better life for children if you just turn off a few appliances.

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