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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Married 48 years

I don't recall how we got started on the topic of how long we'd been married--talking to people in the coffee shop is not unlike talking to people on the bus. Somehow, we discovered we'd both been married 48 years. For me it's the same guy. For her it is 24 and 24. The first husband, the father of her children, she divorced. . . not sure why. . .but that sounds like the mid-life stray--probably his. The second one, she told me, is not worth mentioning, but he's the father of her step-children, and everyone is getting together for Christmas so she had some shopping to do. Her dislike for the man was almost palpable. A real don't tell, don't ask sort of thing, I think. How sad. Sounds like they will go the distance together. Maybe she likes his kids.

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